Find out how to make the most out of your trip to the Ally Pally World Darts Championship.

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Here is your Ultimate Ally Pally World Darts Championship Guide.

The Darts World Championship in London’s Alexandra Palace, aka the Ally Pally, is being held every December. It is an annual event in the London calendar like Royal Ascot or the Queen’s Birthday, just a bit different. It is loud, sometimes raucous, frenetic, dramatic and great fun!

And for round about three weeks the weird and wonderful dart fans raise the roof of the Ally Pally. They sing, they dance, they dress up, and they drink. Oh boy! Around 1million pints are getting sold during the darts world cup frenzy every year.

The number of people who watch this fantastic event on TV and want to be part of it next time around is growing constantly.

In fact, it is growing so much that the PDC hosts a whole series of events during the year and even has plans to venture out to New York’s Madison square garden! But you cannot beat the Ally Pally experience.

So, here is your ultimate guide to the Ally Pally World Darts Championship. 180 all way around!

When and where

The PDC World Darts Championships are held every year in December at Alexandra Palace.

How to get there

The Ally Pally is set in a vast parkland in north London and towers on top a hill. Great views are guaranteed when you walk your way up from the Alexandra Palace train station. Multiple trains run from King’s Cross and Highbury & Islington station. But if you do not feel like walking, we recommend taking the Victoria Line to Finsbury Park, exit the station to the right, take a sharp turn right again and then board the W3 bus. It takes you right up the hill to the main entrance. Especially on your way to the Ally Pally this is the easiest option. After the event the bus stops are usually packed, so we would advise you to walk down the hill to the train station. Should the relatively small platform be packed, have a drink in the great The Starting Gate pub right opposite the train station. This place often transfers into a mini version of the Ally Pally and the atmosphere is rocking. They also serve great food. So, get yourself properly fed to soak up the gallons of beer that will flow down your neck!

Table or Tier Tickets


We all know the amazing atmosphere created on the long tables in front of the Ally Pally stage. And most people want to secure their spot on one of them. But tier seats tickets are often easier to get your hands on and cheaper too. And we find that there is little negative about a tier seat. The whole hall is rocking anyway and often access to the bars is easier when you sit on one of the tiers. So, you should not be too worried about where you sit. If you are in, you will have a great day!

Ticket prices increase from round to round and range between £25 and £55. Here it is important to say that you should only buy tickets from trusted sites and avoid rip off merchants such as Vianogo or Snubhub. And if you register for the PDC TV which costs around £50 per year, you get access to the presale which usually starts in August!

Where to stay


There are not many hotels in the immediate vicinity of the venue, but as transport links are great there is s no need to stay there anyway. This however does not mean that you should stay anywhere within London. We have seen some companies offering accommodation as far as Heathrow which is probably around 2.5hs away. No, do not get fooled. Just book yourself somewhere along the Victoria Line. King’s Cross or Islington offer great accommodation for all budgets. Here is a small list of great places to stay for your Ally Pally trip:

All these offer great transport connections to the Ally Pally, central London, in case you do want to see a bit of London and all major airports! On top of this, December is one of the cheapest months of the year in London! Prices are person per night without breakfast.

Tips and FAQ’s

When to get there?

Get there early! As you know from yourself Dart fans are crazy. They want to be in the temple of arrows as early as possible and queues at the entry built up fast. Also, there is a no cash policy in place. Means that you will have to buy vouchers inside the venue, and queue again.

How much for a pint?

Beer prices are very fair for London and come around 5£ per pint or £20 for the pitcher. Food within the venue is varied and as expected gut bustingly fatty and delicious.   

Fancy dress?

Yes of course. You do not want to be the odd one out, do you?! Getting changed however is a bit of a hassle as you will have to leave any bags at the cloakroom. So, bite the bullet, get dressed in your accommodation and draw some strange looks from the other passengers on the tube. The closer you get to the venue the more unicorns, cowboys, nuns and god knows what will board your carriage.

Evening or Afternoon session?

This is a tricky one. Both sessions last around 3-4hs. The atmosphere is maybe a bit better in the evenings, but the afternoons can be great too. To be honest it is a fine booze line. People can be too sober in the afternoons or too drunk in the evenings. And this brings us to the advice to focus on one session unless you are one the few die-hard dart fans with a stamina like an ox! Alternatively, you could also visit on two or three consecutive days. This leaves you plenty of time for recovery, some sightseeing or shopping.

And you should as you are in London after all! Have a look here for some sightseeing and things to do advice. The Darts, Ally Pally and London are just the prefect combination for a great short break.


Get in early for 2023

Start planning early, the darts are becoming and more popular these days and it is going to be mad again this year…

If you have never to the Ally Pally World Darts Championships this ultimate guide is hopefully useful to avoid some disappointment and guarantee a smooth trip. If you like us to plan your trip register your interest here: info@ato-tours.com

See you in London!