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Immerse yourself in the excitement of the unknown


Surprise Holidays, our Confidentials are a spontaneous and exciting way to travel. It doesn’t require hours of internet researching and comparing prices.

We do all the planning for you and you can trust our expertise! And the budget you set is the price you pay. It is that simple!

Just sit back and relax. Feel the excitement rising closer to the day when your surprise destination will be revealed to you.

You are just a few clicks away from some spectacularly memorable moments. Whether you want to experience the excitement of not knowing your destination, want to be surprised or surprise someone. Simply fill in our short questionnaire and let the adventure begin. Fully COVID COVERED! Money Back!

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Contact us: or +44 7375 473 072

How it works

Please fill in the short questionnaire below so we will get to know you a bit.

We will, based on your answers, design your holiday but we are not going to tell you the destination.

You can however tell us up to 3 destinations where you don’t want to go at all. And you choose if you want to fly or take a train!

Two weeks before departure we can give you small hint to narrow down the destination. But only if the tension is getting too high. Alternatively, you hold on until the last minute. Usually 7 days prior to arrival we send your final itinerary, hotel confirmations and tickets.

We also provide you with loads of insider tips specially designed for you to make your trip unique.

All holidays are fully insured, safe and COVID COVERED! Full money back guarantee – no vouchers!

Sounds interesting? Then give it a go!

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