Jan 9, 2019

Review of an unique experience!

Last year is it was my turn to organise our annual boys’ weekend away and I had been dreading it from the start. It’s only 6 of us but remembering past discussions on where to go it could have well been 80 too. A bit like 2 people with 3 opinions if you ask me. The group chat exploding with messages and sober discussions turning into heated arguments. Having almost decided to give it a miss all together I came across ATO TOURS and found out that they were offering Confidential trips, surprise holidays where you basically don’t know your destination until a few days prior to departure.

Do or die!

I suggested this with an affirmative do or die message to the boys and surprisingly got the go ahead from most of them. What next? I had till fill in a questionnaire, setting some basic parameters such as date, temperature and thank god, the price. No arguments about rising costs and having to chase the lads for unpaid hotel bills! And then? Well nothing, that was it. Job done in minutes and a good night sleep. 7 days prior to departure, so enough time to advise the boys which colour of pants to pack, I received all documents and our destination was revealed. Bremen! Needless to say, none of us had ever been but doing some research ourselves while we got plenty of tips from ATO, we were curious to say the least.

Beck’s beer

That Bremen was the home of Beck’s did the trick to convince everyone basically. So off we went. To smooth things up on arrival I asked ATO to book us a transfer to the hotel remembering last’s years disaster with someone knowing a shortcut…. So Bremen it was. And Bremen was great! Just perfect for a 2-night trip with everything in walking distance from our hotel right bang in the centre. Plenty of bars by the riverfront, the Beck’s boat (remember from the TV commercial), friendly prices and a stunning old town including the Schnoorviertel.

This is the oldest district of Bremen with only a couple of blocks but lined with houses from the 15th century. While these were originally poor fishermen’s homes, nowadays it’s a pedestrian shopping district with lots of interesting little shops, galleries and cafes. We spend the days strolling around the city before focusing on the evening entertainment. ATO advised us where to get some genuine good and reasonably priced local food and off we went.

More of the same please

The nightlife was buzzing yet relaxed and very diverse! From swanky cocktail bars, grungy alternative watering holes to cosy home brewing pubs. No closing times and friendly locals! It hit everyone’s spot, thank god. So, like the planning of this trip the atmosphere of Bremen was easy going and we loved it. In short, a great surprise weekend away!

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