Sep 10, 2021

The ultimate guide for a football trip to Fortuna Düsseldorf


A Football Trip to Düsseldorf. Visit the good old Fortuna and experience first class atmosphere in a great ground, a night out, or two, to remember and get to know a fascinating city. Set in the Western part of Germany on the banks of the river Rhine, Düsseldorf is a unique and diverse place to visit.

Carnival capital, Cologne and Düsseldorf Carnival Tours | ATO Tours (, of Germany, home to the second biggest Japanese community outside Japan and a wild nightlife hotspot centred around the old town; Düsseldorf amazes every visitor. Translated in “village by the Dussel” it’s easy to discover and move around.

Fortuna Düsseldorf

Visit the Fortuna, two-time German champions but currently sitting in Bundesliga 2, and experience a fantastic atmosphere created by the fiercely loyal crowds. They have never reached nationwide popularity and have over the years very much moved up and down the divisions in Germany. Still, the locals stick with them nevertheless despite the huge competition from neighbouring Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC Schalke, and FC Cologne. The latter are also their main rivals though there isn’t much derby tradition as they hardly played it each other over the last decades. Watch their match with a local brew in hand and you soon get to know the chatty locals. A Fortuna Duesseldorf is relaxed, yet exciting and guarantees you a unique atmosphere.

How to Get There

Düsseldorf International Airport, DUS Airport, is one the main airports in Germany served by frequent flights from London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow. Alternatively jump on the Eurostar to Brussels and connect to Düsseldorf. Even driving is fairly quick with less than 5hours from Calais. Once there Düsseldorf is very walkable and frequent trams and the underground take from A to B in no time. Hotels are scattered all over the city, but we recommend staying between the “Old Town” and the central station. Talk to us for a good deal.

Ticket prices

Tickets are inexpensive and fan friendly. Standing tickets start from as little as £12 and seats from £18. You don’t have to break the bank here and the value for money is almost unbeatable.

Match Day


A visit to Fortuna isn’t about watching football masterclasses. It’s all about the whole experience which starts with a visit to the Fortuna-Büdchen ( The “Buedchens”, a kind of off-licence in a hut, are all over Düsseldorf and this one has developed into a cult spot. A meeting point for the Fortuna faithful enjoying a few pre match beers by the river.

From here just jump on the underground to head to the impressive 55.000 MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA – Home ( The fares are included in your match day ticket, so no hassle here. The stadium and its facilities are fantastic with superb views. It’s seating and standing; and you can enjoy the match with a great local beer, called “Alt” in hand. The atmosphere is raucous and gripping!

Old Town

Afterwards, head straight to the “Old Town” and have a night out to remember. A party mile known all over Germany Düsseldorf’s old town is the place to go. Dine in one of the many local breweries such as the Füchschen Alt ( Tuck in some local specialities and the unique to Düsseldorf “Alt” beer. Like the city the old town is very diverse and offers something for everyone. Party wild in the so-called Mallorca bars popular for stag doo’s from all over the country, and the UK. Slurp some cocktails in style – Düsseldorf is also home to a massive fashion and banking community. Chill on the Rhine terraces with a can in hand which is massively popular with locals especially in summer. Have a quiet drink in the historical pubs. You name it. The “Old Town” delivers, and we can tailor your night out for you too.

Long Weekend


You can visit the Fortuna and head back to the UK, but we recommend staying for a long Bundesliga Break. As said, there are so many other great teams within 1 hour by train it would be shame just to watch the one game. Just think of the bouncing Yellow Wall in Dortmund, FOOTBALL TRIP TO DORTMUND – Ultimate guide – Where To Go – Blog (, or the greatest underdogs in German football, the VfL Bochum, Guide for a Bundesliga Break to Bochum | ATO Tours (

Things to Do

What else is there to do? Tons! Go designer shopping on Düsseldorf’s luxurious shopping mile, the “Koe”. Visit the Home (, one of the most renowned art museums in the world. Check the “Mediahafen”. The former harbour has been transformed into an art and design hub. Take a stroll along the Rhine promenade or hop on a ferry to Cologne. There are plenty of things to do and see for everyone even your travel companions aren’t into football.

This ultimate guide for a football trip to Fortuna Düsseldorf should have made you long for an awesome weekend away. And if you are ready to treat yourself to a great football trip now then
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See you in Düsseldorf!