May 22, 2020

Great days out and fun activities

From top graded tourist attractions to hidden gems, South East London has a lot to offer. And this short blog post gives you some ideas about some of the best things to do in South East London. So, let us start with one of London’s major tourist hotpots, Greenwich.


Home of the world-famous Maritime Museum and the Greenwich observatory where you stand astride the historic Prime Meridian where east meets west, and take your place at the centre of the world!

Set in Greenwich park, an ideal pick nick place you can also enjoy some of the most amazing London views. Board a Thames ferry from central London to get into a maritime mood. When you get off another highlight await, the recently renovated Cutty Sark. The world’s only surviving tea clipper from 1869.

Visit the Greenwich market with its hand-picked arty, antique and quirky stalls. And tuck in some delicious food from all around the world.

And if you fancy some action, head over to North Greenwich, and climb the O2, fly over the Thames in a cable car or get the thrill with a speedboat ride over the Thames!

With so many attractions it is worth spending one full day here. You will not regret it.



Croydon is basically a large city within a city. One of the street art hot (Banksy opened his one day pop up store here) spots of greater London Croydon still has a bit of a reputation and is not known for its beauty.

But if you want a great deal on your hotel stay, fantastic transport connections into central London look no further. (And talk to us). Trains to central London are very frequent and only take around 15min! Also Croydon hosts almost all international chain hotels with prices starting from as little as £50 a night.

An emerging go to neighbourhood, Croydon offers great shopping facilities, restaurants galore its arty attractions are waiting to be discovered. And its food market, the Surrey Street market is one of the oldest in London.

And if you head a bit further out from the city centre amaze yourself with the beauty of the Lavender Fields.

Croydon is right there when it comes to the best things to do in South East London.



Just down the round lies cosy Beckenham. Home of David Bowie it has the air of a typical English small town to it. It is green, nice, suburban London with a great amount of cafe’s and restaurants on its high street. It combines plenty of green space and fine old buildings with great facilities for families.

Surrounded by a huge, lush parkland check out the amazing Beckenham Place Park. Within a short walk from the station it is one of the last hidden gems in London. A country mansion from the 18th century it hosts art studios, a café, a great record shop, many events and classes, even club nights and has one only a couple of swimming lakes (!) in London.

The short train ride to Beckenham gives you a great insight into local Londoners life away from the tourist trails.

Crystal Palace


A sleeping beauty with a special atmosphere Crystal Palace is one of the most sought-after places to live in London nowadays.

It’s a vintage and foodie heaven with a great amount of eateries from all over the world. From street food to fine dining you won’t be hungry for long. And Haynes Lane market lets you rummage for vintage, antiques and all sorts of stuff, literally stuff!

Afterwards roam amongst dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park. The park is home to some full-size dinosaurs models built by the Victorians which lurk between the trees. You can find out more about the exhibition and dinosaurs at the Crystal Palace museum in the park.

Crystal Palace is within easy reach by Overground and a fun place to go.



The home of famous scientist Charles Darwin. It is not so easy to reach but an absolute must-see for every science enthusiast. Visit the Down house and stand in the study where wrote his thesis “On the origin of species”. Wander the fields and gardens where he did his research and developed his revolutionary thesis.

Downe itself is a beautifully preserved village dating back to Saxon times! Surrounded by large woodlands and forest take a hike and let your mind drift off.

It’s a great day out to experience rural, suburban life in London.

Forest Hill and Dulwich

Easily combinable both areas host one amazing museum to visit. Forest Hill, home of the quirky Horniman museum with extensive collections of anthropology, natural history and musical instruments. Horniman inherited his father’s tea business and spend it all amassing over 30.000 items from all over the world in his collection.

The Horniman museum is a South London treasure. You’ll love the gigantic overstuffed walrus, the new aquarium, the beautiful gardens and the café.


Around the corner in Dulwich is the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The oldest public gallery in England it showcases one of the country’s finest collections of Old Masters. Especially rich in French, Italian and Spanish Baroque paintings and in British portraits from Tudor times to the 19th century.

Set in one of London’s loveliest green spaces, the cafe at the Dulwich Picture Gallery is good for families and anyone who loves a great afternoon tea experience.

Hever Castle


If you want to avoid the huge crowds at Windsor Castle and are happy with a much smaller yet impressive version, Hever Castle is the place to go.

Experience 700 years of history at the romantic double-moated castle once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as the second wife of King Henry VIII. The splendid rooms contain fine furniture, tapestries, antiques, an important collection of Tudor paintings and two prayer books inscribed and signed by Anne Boleyn herself.

Follow her foot steps strolling the massive, lush gardens surrounding the castle and loose yourself in the fascinating 100 year old maze.

Eltham Palace


A medieval castle turned into a art deco masterpiece by its eccentric millionaire owners. Eltham Palace is a special place. Explore the former home of the Courtauld family who combined original medieval features with ultra-modern 1930s design.

One of London’s best kept secrets, Eltham Palace has seen centuries of lavish entertaining – from minstrels playing for royalty to 1930s millionaires hosting celebrities of the day. Its eclectic make-up creates a setting that combines ancient and modern to dazzling effect.

Easy to reach it is different kind of castle experience. One you will never forget!

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