Mar 31, 2021

Discover these hidden gems on your next trip to London

London, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Soho, Westminster, Tower Bridge, the big attractions everyone has heard of and wants to, and should, visit on a London trip. But surprise, surprise London has so many other great places worth seeing. So, come on a tour with us to see 8 Unique Places To Visit In London.

1. Leake Street Tunnel


Like your street art? Well, then there is no better place than the Leak Street tunnel. Located just behind the London Eye and Waterloo Station – just follow the smell of fresh paint – you find the Leake Street Arches. An absolute heaven with constant changing, mind blowing street art. Easy to combine with every sightseeing tour as you will most likely walk past it anyway. Watch the artists live in action creating their masterpieces. Make sure you capture everything as it will not stay for long. The tunnel walls and ceilings get constantly updated with new designs and pieces. Stopover for lunch afterwards on one of London’s oldest food markets, Lower Marsh. The traditional market stalls nowadays offer great and inexpensive street from all over the world.

2. Thames Barrier Park


Follow the Thames eastbound towards London former Docklands, and you find the futuristic Thames barriers stopping London from flooding. The nearby Thames Barrier Park | London City Hall is a great place to catch some amazing views of the Thames and London.

Designed by legendary landscape architects Allain Provost and Patel Taylor they created a fantastic green space ideal for a picnic in this former dockside location. Just jump on a DLR train from central London and the get off at Pontoon Dock. Take some deep breaths and relax by the river for a much-appreciated break in your busy sightseeing schedule.

3. Brompton Cemetery


You probably have heard or even been to Highgate Cemetery. Another unique place to visit in London. Set in a North London woodland it the last resting place for Charles Dickens and Karl Marx. And if this is your thing, pay the Brompton Cemetery – Brompton Cemetery – The Royal Parks a visit. Set in Kensington and opened in 1840 it is one of the oldest and most beautiful garden cemeteries in England. A perfect place to reflect and escape from the big city noise. And on a few chosen dates you have the rare opportunity to book a tour through their catacombs. A gloomy yet engaging thing to do on your London trip.

4. London Fields


Forget about relaxation and peace and quiet. This field, as opposed to a park, set in Hackney, in the heart of east London is rocking in the summer. Fuelled by the hip and fashionable visitors of nearby, ubertrendy Broadway Market, London Fields is the place to be if you like a lively atmosphere on a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It’s an almost festival style atmosphere. Nearby pubs such as the Pub on the Park or the London Fields Brewery provide the drink supplies. And you won’t go hungry either. Broadway Market with its small cafés and restaurants provide you with some excellent organic street food from all over the world. And if the atmosphere is heating up too much, just jump in the Lido, one of the few outdoor pools in London. Nearest station is London Fields: Keeping London moving – Transport for London (tfl.gov.uk)

5. Old Bailey


Visit the Old Bailey, London oldest courthouse. Built in 1785 in the heart of the City it is the most iconic courthouse in the world. Tour the Old Bailey Insight & Legal London – Old Bailey and Royal Courts of Justice Tours, Talks and Seminars (old-bailey.com) and learn everything about the most famous trials from the past and present. These include the trails against the infamous London gangster twins, the Krays, the brutal Yorkshire Ripper, Ronnie Sutcliffe, and wife beating high profile celebrity Johnny Depp. “Walk the Dead Man’s Walk” through a series of underground arches which become increasingly smaller where prisoners were led to gallows. A gloomy experience and a grizzly reminder of London’s past.

6. Rooftop Cinema Peckham


Catch your favourite films against the spectacular backdrop of the London skyline. Image yourself in a comfy deckchair with a cool drink in your hand and watching old time classic movies outdoors, on top of a building at the Bussey Building, Peckham – Rooftop Film Club – Open Air Rooftop Cinema. Set in London’s up and coming Peckham, opposite Peckham Rye station, the area is home to many students and artists from all over the world. Watching a movie here is a great way to end your day. A safe and unique experience for the whole family under starlit skies you will never forget. But book early, screenings sell out in no time.

7. Churchill’s Chartwell House


Visit Chartwell | National Trust, the family home of Winston Churchill and get a unique insight into the life of Britain’s iconic prime minister. His stately home is set in a glorious garden landscape on the south-eastern borders of London with Kent. Enjoy the sights and aromas from the blossoming flowers and walk the woodland trails. See the inside of his home on a guided tour and discover unknown facets of his life. Visit his art studio showcasing over 500 of his paintings and drawings. And Chartwell also houses many treasures of personal items collected by him and his family. In all, a great day out and we can take you there. Get in touch (info@ato-tours.com)

8. Neasden Temple


The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London (Neasden Temple) is Britain’s largest, authentic Hindu temple. An unexpected and fascinating site to visit showcasing that London is melting pot of different beliefs and cultures. Built in the traditional way by using over 5000 tonnes of hand carved stones it opened in 1995. Book your visit in advance and find out more about Krishna and Shiva and other important facts of Hinduism. Meditate and reflect afterwards or witness the traditional opening of the shrine’s ceremonies. It’s a deeply moving and touching experience helping you understand more about one the world’s major religions.

This small list of 8 unique places to visit in London is by no means complete. It just shows you some the awesome places worth visiting which are flying a bit under the radar. Real hidden gems and they are many more awaiting your discovery. And who knows, some of these might in few years be household names and fixed anchor points on many visitor’s itineraries. For your personal London itinerary planning talk to us.

See you in London!