Mar 31, 2021

Find out why you should book your next holiday as surprise trip, and why you should book with ATO TOURS.

1. Excitement of the Unknown

Everyone loves a surprise. And if this surprise combines itself with a little adventure, what is not to like?! Of course, you hand over control which requires some courage, but the reward is pure excitement. We promise you that as soon as you have filled out the questionnaire a pleasant tension builds up. It is like Christmas where you could not wait to open your presents. And this mixture of anticipation, excitement, and surprise when we finally reveal the destination to you; is exactly what ATO’s Confidentials, surprise trips, create.

2. Easy to Plan and Book

The simplicity of booking an ATO Confidential surprise trip is next to none. It does not involve hour long planning either. Just go on our website and fill in the questionnaire.

In there we ask you for some basic interests, dates, temperature, your budget, and you can also exclude a few no-gos such crowded places or destinations you have been to already.

This should not take longer than 10min. You get a response within 24hs and that is it. Job done; next trip sorted. And should you have to cancel your trip due to Covid-19, we give you your money back. No discussion, fuzz or false voucher promises.

3. No Unpleasant Surprises

When we say that your destination is for example Munich, we mean it. You fly to Munich and you stay in Munich. Key to great city break for us that you spent as much time in your destination as possible. No one wants to travel from hours on end from the airport to the actual place. And then, spend more time travelling back and for from your accommodation to the city centres and attractions. All our accommodations are centrally located! And as we also give you the chance to exclude things or places, we really make sure there are not any unpleasant surprises.

4. See New Places

Where shall we go next is a question many of our customers asks themselves. There are so many destinations to visit out there. And thanks to the no thrill airlines and cheap flights, you can almost go anywhere these days without any difficulties or great costs. But are Rzeszow, Palanga or Kosice worth the visit? Well of course you could research, which again involves time or listen to some professional, sponsored by the local tourism board, travel blogger who for sure finds the “amazing” in every trash bin. Or you could leave it to us. We have travelled extensively and keep researching emerging destinations which will blow you away. Trust our expertise

5. No Discussions

Annual girl’s trip, lads summer holiday, cricket tour, hen weekend, stag doo, company’s incentive all are tending to have one thing in common. A constant conversation, which often leads to an argument or a complete fall out, about where to go next. Chat groups, meetings, emails, votes and then there is always the odd one out who does not like anything and seems to have been everywhere. For many anxieties creep up when it is their turn to arrange it. Let alone the planning and money collection. Rid yourself of this, turn it into a surprise and leave it to us.

6. Value for Money

ATO Tours is known for its fair and square pricing policies. We offer great value for money on all our tours. However, we are not magicians. So, if your budget is small, please do not expect the Ritz Carlton. But it does not always have to be a 5-star anyway. Many smaller or family run hotels make up for it by providing a warm and excellent service for a much smaller price. And we have vetted most of our properties and can guarantee you will have a great stay. But do not shy away from a Surprise Trip if your funds are low. We cater for all budgets as the cheapest Confidential surprise trip costs as little as £149 per person for a 2-night break incl. transport!

7. Sustainable

We encourage you to skip the flight option in our questionnaire and choose the train as your preferred mode of transport. Many of our customers are, attention punch line, surprised what their backyard/ the UK has on offer. And continental Europe is just a few hours away by train too. Travel comfortably without the hassle of extra fees, luggage add-ons, seat reservation and packed planes. Arrive in the city centres, relaxed and comfortable. Play your part in saving the environment. Additionally, if you choose to fly, we can advise you on several carbon offset schemes if you are interested.

8. Great Gift

If you do not like a surprise, are a control freak, but want to surprise someone, look no further. We take over the whole planning process and keep you updated. You can then torture your fellow travellers with a broad smirk making them aware constantly that you know the destination for the next trip. Alternatively, you can just make someone a special gift. Something memorable that they will never forget and a gift for what they will remember you. It works for all occasions and age groups and is unique and exiting at the same time. In addition, our CONFIDENTIALS are the perfect reward for your much valued staff and employees. Say thank you for their hard work and send them on a once in a lifetime incentive!

I think after the events of the last few months we all agree that we need break. A nice and hassle-free holiday to take our mind of things. And why not adding a bit of excitement to this to make it extra memorable?

Now you have learned about the 8 reasons to book a Surprise Trip with ATO TOURS, what are you waiting for. Book one right away or register your interest here

See you in….?